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Monday, June 05, 2017

March Reflections

Few months late!! But I am of the theory better late than never so I am going to quickly share with you have I read way back in March. It was a pretty average reading month both in that I only read 12 books and quite a few of them were a bit ... forgettable! Anyway for this wrap-up I have split the books I read into the rating I gave them:

2.5/2.75 Stars 

3-4 Stars 

5 Stars 

So for any of my much appreciated loyal follows you will know that in terms of blog posts March was embarrassingly bad, I had so little time and honestly began to wonder if I was going to keep up with my blog. However, I am glad i didn't give up, but it does mean that in March I only posted 4 times!


So I am currently playing with the way that I do the Reading Wrap-up section of my monthly reflection posts, and I would love to know what you like about wrap-up posts (generally not just mine) let me know in the comments below.