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Saturday, November 12, 2016

UK Bookish Candle Sellers

Recently I have been eyeing up everyone's bookish candles. Despite the fact I love the idea of these book themed scented candles I don't own a single one! So the other week I decided I was going to just treat myself and get one. I however became to realize that so many of these wonderful candles I had been longingly staring at all came from the U.S, and that means only one thing for us here in the UK... huge shipping costs! So I narrowed my search to UK companies, and here are the ones I have found:

Find them on Etsy

William + Joseph

Book + Nook

Castle of Fables

The Literacy Gift Company
Visit their website


Unfortunately, several of these candle makers are taking breaks in their production of candles, so my options are limited even further. I would love to know where you bought your bookish candles from, because I really need some help here!!

Any company you would recommend?
Or are you like me and only dream of actually getting around to buying one?

* all pictures and logo's are owned by the companies themselves.