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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Book Blogger Hop #4 - Halloween Edition

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Book and is now hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
You've been invited to a costume party and the theme is classic literature characters. Who would you go as?
I don't have much chance to dress up any more. However, I do have this amazing medieval style velvet dress which I couldn't resist buying, but I haven't worn it yet. Anyway a classic literature character? I would have to go with Elizabeth Bennet, but more the Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, than the original. I love her High Black boots and dark clothing which allows her movability as well as that cloak(?) that give that dramatic flare. And of course a girls got to be prepared with a weapon handy, right? *At least this is the case in the majority of the literature I read!* 

Friday, October 28, 2016

3 November Releases I am Thinking of Adding to my TBR

 This months books haven't got me jumping up and down with excitement, but I am thinking of giving them a try. So, if you have read any of these book I would love to know your thoughts to help me make my mind up. So here are you ones that have caught my eye:

Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys
Pre-order from: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository
Release Date: 8th November 2016
Synopsis From Goodreads
You are cordially invited to participate in a game of thrills and dares. Tell no one, and come alone. If you dare.

Hope is sick of everyone treating her like she’s breakable. Sure, she has cystic fibrosis (basically really bad lungs), but she’s tired of being babied by her mom and her overprotective best friend, Ethan, not to mention worrying about paying for her expensive medication and how she’s going to afford college. And she’s bored with life in her run-down New Orleans suburb.

When an invitation arrives from a mysterious group that calls itself the Society, Hope jumps at the chance for some excitement. This could be her ticket out. All she has to do is complete a few dares and she might win some real money.

But the Society isn’t all it seems . . . and soon Hope finds that playing the game isn’t a choice—it’s a requirement.
Heartless by Melissa Meyer  
Pre-Order from: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository
Release Date: 8th November 2016
Synopsis From Goodreads
Long before she was the terror of Wonderland — the infamous Queen of Hearts — she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love.

Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland, and a favorite of the yet-unmarried King of Hearts, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, all she wants is to open a shop with her best friend and supply the Kingdom of Hearts with delectable pastries and confections. But according to her mother, such a goal is unthinkable for the young woman who could be the next Queen.

At a royal ball where Cath is expected to receive the king's marriage proposal, she meets Jest, the handsome and mysterious court joker. For the first time, she feels the pull of true attraction. At the risk of offending the King and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into an intense, secret courtship.

Cath is determined to define her own destiny and fall in love on her terms. But in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans.
Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Pre-Order From: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository
Release Date: 22nd November 2016
Synopsis From Goodreads
In a world where disease has been eliminated, the only way to die is to be randomly killed (“gleaned”) by professional reapers (“scythes”). Citra and Rowan are teenagers who have been selected to be scythe’s apprentices, and—despite wanting nothing to do with the vocation—they must learn the art of killing and come to understand the necessity of what they do.

Only one of them will be chosen as a scythe’s apprentice. And when it becomes clear that the winning apprentice’s first task will be to glean the loser, Citra and Rowan are pitted against one another in a fight for their lives.
Are there any book that are released in November, which are on your TBR?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #19 - Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine, which spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating!
Kindle Release Date: 31st January 2017 
Paperback Release Date: Feb 2nd 2017 by Faber and Faber
Hardback Release Date: March 7th 2017 by Viking
Pre-order on: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository
Synopsis From Goodreads
The sizzling, un-put-downable sequel to the bestselling Rebel of the Sands!

Mere months ago, gunslinger Amani al'Hiza fled her dead-end hometown on the back of a mythical horse with the mysterious foreigner Jin, seeking only her own freedom. Now she's fighting to liberate the entire desert nation of Miraji from a bloodthirsty sultan who slew his own father to capture the throne.

When Amani finds herself thrust into the epicenter of the regime—the Sultan's palace—she's determined to bring the tyrant down. Desperate to uncover the Sultan's secrets by spying on his court, she tries to forget that Jin disappeared just as she was getting closest to him, and that she's a prisoner of the enemy. But the longer she remains, the more she questions whether the Sultan is really the villain she's been told he is, and who’s the real traitor to her sun-bleached, magic-filled homeland.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Miraji, about the rebellion, about djinni and Jin and the Blue-Eyed Bandit. In Traitor to the Throne, the only certainty is that everything will change.
Why am Waiting?
I really enjoyed the first book in this series (my full review) and I can't wait to dive back into this world. It also sounds like we are going to see a new side of this world, and I look forward to seeing how Amani copes when she is 'thrust into the .. Sultan's palace'.  Although I have high expectations of this book, I am not overly impressed by the cover, I hope it nicer when I get my physical copy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Series Review: Let It Be by Barbara Speak

Let It Be Me (Let It Be #1) by Barbara Speak

Add on Goodreads
Buy From: Amazon (UK) || Amazon (US)

Synopsis From Goodreads

Arianna Dubray is nothing like the girl she left in Baltimore. Once a Prada shoe wearing, Michael Kors bag carrying, on top of the world seventeen-year-old girl, Arianna knew that her life would never be the same when she got out of the car in middle-of-nowhere Montana.

 Canyon Michaels is the keeper of his own dark secrets. Plagued by his family name, he's forced to prove the town wrong and make it on his own.

 The last thing Arianna needs is a reason to stay, but with every passing day the decision to leave becomes harder. Once their paths cross nothing can tear them apart, other than the secrets that start to surface and the nightmares that soon become their reality.
Mini - Review
This is a New Adult book which was a mix of Road to Glory and Bluegrass State of Mind but with a younger set of characters. *It was free so I thought I would give it a try*  Our main character -Arianna Dubray - has a wonderful little sister and although she has her 'annoying little girl' moments she is wonderful, and I loved her relationship with both Ari and Canyon.

Canyon was the stereotypical 'dream' country boy on the surface, and what I loved most of all about this book watching the romance between Canyon and Ari develop. As well as heal both of them as they struggled through the many trials that were thrown at them from every angle.

I felt that the mystery of both their pasts was done really well, Ari 'big secret' kept me guessing right up to them moment she finally explained it all. Also as a country music fan, I love reading about some great songs in their 'natural environment'. I really enjoyed this book, and it was a great country romance.
Let It Be Us (Let It Be #2) by Barbara Speak
 Buy From: Amazon (UK) || Amazon (US)
Disappointing. Although the first few chapters drew me in, the ending of this book brought my rating for this book down so much for me. The first book was all about Ari and Canyon deal with the more physical threats that came their way, while this book was more of an emotional roller-coaster. It did help me to understand some of the unanswered questions from the first book, and I did enjoy reading about this great couple fighting for their relationship but the ending was sooo rushed one minute the two them were facing another problem, then the quickest solution you  -as the author- could think of and it was over.
My final rating for this book is going to be 2.75 stars I enjoyed the tensions between Ari and Canyon and also seeing her little sister Shelby mature so much though it all. However, I needed more from the end of this book, it would have been nice to see the two of them deal with the revelation and move on and also to see how the new family dynamics played out.


Overall, I would highly recommend the first book in this series but I kind of wished I hadn't read that teaser for book two. There is a third book in this series which follows Shelby story, but it isn't something I am going to check out. Has anyone else read this book? I would love to know your thoughts.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Hope and Red (Empire of Storms Trilogy #1) by Jon Skovrun

Paperback, 544 pages
Published June 28th 2016 by Orbit
ISBN13: 9780316268110
In a fracturing empire spread across savage seas, two young people from different cultures find common purpose.

A nameless girl is the lone survivor when her village is massacred by biomancers, mystical servants of the emperor. Named after her lost village, Bleak Hope is secretly trained by a master Vinchen warrior as an instrument of vengeance.

A boy becomes an orphan on the squalid streets of New Laven and is adopted by one of the most notorious women of the criminal underworld, given the name Red, and trained as a thief and con artist.

When a ganglord named Deadface Drem strikes a bargain with the biomancers to consolidate and rule all the slums of New Laven, the worlds of Hope and Red come crashing together, and their unlikely alliance takes them further than either could have dreamed possible.


Adult Fantasy. Two Kick-ass main characters. A great 'starter' book for introducing the world, it's power plays and bringing together our 'crew' for future books.

I liked that we got introduced to the main characters through the eyes of those who stubble across the 'lost orphans'. It was interesting to see the main characters - who are children at the start of the book- situations from a adult point of view.

To begin with I only kept reading for Hope's side of the story as she grew into a warrior who you wouldn't wan to cross. I read Red's part solely to get to Hope's chapters but somewhere along the way I got invested in Red's story too and found myself wanting to know how he was surviving and growing too. Once the two characters - inevitably in my opinion- met I started to fly through the pages, Hope and Red made such a good team which fit so well into the wider 'crew' which develops by the end of the book.

I really enjoyed Hope and Red's relationship. When I was reading reviews (for the Review Collection I did for this book) there was no mentions of a romance, now I can understand why. There isn't - in a sense - a romance *yet* there are a few romantic thoughts flying about. However, more importantly there is a deep caring and trust between the characters and I think it will be a great base to develop a life long romance. I am totally shipping them to be a unstoppable kick-ass couple in future books, although they have some serious issue to deal with first!

This is an adult fantasy so it is slightly gory (although no worse than Nevernight by Jay Kristoff) and there is crudeness in the language used, but to be honest I had mentally prepared myself for much worse than it was, because of the reviews I had read.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, I felt as though it was a great world building first book. I look forward to seeing more of the Hope, Red and crew as they continue to fulfil their oaths and agreements, while continuing to cause issues for the emperor and his agents.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #18 - Mafiosa by Catherine Doyle

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine, which spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating!
Release Date: January 5th 2017 by Chicken House
Pre-order on: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository
 The third and final instalment in the explosive YA Blood for Blood series which started with Vendetta and Inferno.
A blood war rages on the streets of Chicago.

Protected by an infamous mafia family, Sophie is living a dangerous lie, pretending to lead a normal life. But the deceit can’t last for ever. Her heart belongs to a killer and Sophie’s the prime target of a rival clan. She’s determined to seek revenge on her mother’s murderers, but can she pay the price – can she be a mafiosa?

Is there anyone who has read the beginning of this series who isn't waiting for this book!?! (If you haven't read this series yet check out my review here). I loved this series, the romance, the action, secrets and suspense makes this book a must-buy-as-soon-as-it-come-out for me. Also I love that cover, the royal purple background makes the gold really stand out, and I am a sucker for black roses. It also makes me happy that the cover style is the came all the way though the series - they are going to look great together.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

To-Be-Read (TBR) Tag

I have finally accepted this must have been the worst reading slump I have ever been in! It's horrible I a chugging my way through Hope and Red by Jon Skovron but it is taking me ages - for no reason at all! Because I am not reading I am also finding it harder to get inspiration to write some post, so I thought today I will talk about the ever growing TBR pile (yes I am still buying book's even thought I am not reading them, naughty I know but #bookwormproblems). I can't find the creator of the TBR Tag but I came across it over at Spines and Covers.

How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

I think this was meant to be an easy first question but it really isn't for me. I have three different TRB lists and three different ways of keeping track of them:

(1) My TBR pile of books I already own - they have their own bookcase *yes it has got that big*
(2) My TBR of books I need to buy - I have a (couple of) epic-ly big of Amazon wish lists!
(3) My TBR of unreleased books - I keep these on Goodreads to-read list (but I really need to go through this as quite a few of them have been release since I put them on there).
Is your TBR mostly print or ebook?

TBR wise? It is mainly print books, as quite a lot of my ebook purchases are mood or impulse buys so they aren't generally on my TBR before I read them. Although of course I do have some ebooks on my TBR.
How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

I am a total mood reader.
A book that’s been on your TBR list the longest?

I have no idea what book has been on my to-buy list (2) the longest but for my physical TBR list (1) I am going to with Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. I bought this book which I saw it on sale years ago and I have seen some people raving about it's awesomeness since, so I have no idea why I haven't picked it up yet - one of the worlds many unexplained mysteries.
A book that you recently added to your TBR pile?

The most recent addition to my TBR bookcase (1) is The Star-Touched Queen *Yes I have finally got a copy*. One of my most recent addition to my to-buy list (2) is Bottled by Carol Riggs.
A book on your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover.

I don't buy books strictly because of a beautiful cover, I am drawn to book because of beautiful covers but I will base my final decision on the synopsis or a recommendation from a trusted fellow reader.
A book on your TBR that you NEVER plan on actually reading.

Is it bad that I have a whole shelf of my TBR bookcase which is book which I think I will never get around to reading? Because that is a thing!! It incudes: The Maze Runner Trilogy; The Heartland Series (I read most of these as a child and thought it would be nice to re-read them, but it's just not happened!) and the Narnia Chronicles.
An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for.

The Valiant by Lesley Livingston
A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read except you.

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin
A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you.

Everyone raves about the greatness of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I wasn't a great fan of her first series but, since so many people have recommended this book and given it great reviews, I am going to give it a go - at some point.
A book on your TBR that you’re dying to read.

So many, as I said before I am in a reading slump so I have soo many book I want to read such as: The Star-Touched Queen, Frost Like Night and Poisoned Blade.
The number of books on your Goodreads TBR shelf?

78 on my Goodreads List at the moment!

I would love to know your answers to a few of these questions


 if you want to do them all consider yourself tagged.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wattpad Wrap-Up #6

A mix of stories to share with you today and I would love know which of these three appeals to you the most in the following areas:

1) Title 2) Synopsis 3) Cover 

Let me know in the comments below, my answers would be:

 Title =  He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me
Synopsis = Defining Love
Cover = He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Gotta love that dress!)
Anyway, here are my thoughts on these three Wattpad stories, hope you enjoy:
Marry you for Baby by Choco Lily
Synopsis from Wattpad
Elizabeth Candler had never thought she would end up pregnant. Even worse, the baby's father is Adam Kingsley, CEO of the company she currently worked at. The said CEO was also rumored for being gay as he shown almost zero interest in female. But since he slept with her, it proves he does love women, but is it because of the influence of alcohol?

But when Liz told him about her surprising pregnancy, he wanted them to get married, just for the baby's sake. Could Liz change his mind of getting married to her instead of just for their baby's sake?
This is slightly different from the other Wattpad stories I have read and review because there was no super natural elements or gang warfare etc. this is purely a romance plot. Although it does become quite a tangled web of relationships. My favourite aspect of this story has to been watching the two main characters slowly beginning to learning about each other smashing away their preconceptions. I also enjoyed un-tangling these historic relationships as Elizabeth and Adam work out their own new feelings for each other. Overall I am going to give it 3 Stars.
Defining Love by Missy
Synopsis From Wattpad  
This story is about Lucinda Raven and her life after rejection. It explores her heart; how she faces the challenges, both emotional and physical, that have been throw at her during her life.

She was rejected by her mate and became stronger for it. She was cast out of her pack and excelled at being a rogue, alone in the wilderness. Though, one thing she did miss was a place to call home.

When fate brought her to the Blood Moone Pack, will she continue to follow the life fate laid out for her? Or will she chose to forge her own destiny?
Join the journey of Lucinda's heart...
 The first thing I want to praise about this story is the fact that the author obviously planned ahead, quite a few stories on Wattpad I get the feeling that the writer just goes where the wind blows them. Which is totally fine but I personally love the way that throughout this story, the reader can see Dylan's internal battle and the two sides of his personality that is a result of this internal battle, which all remains a mystery until the ending chapters of this story.
Caiden has to be my favourite characters, he is so strong physically, morally and emotionally and he uses these strengths to stand-up and do the best he can in the situations that he is thrown into. There is the perfect about of mystery surrounding the past of all the main character and I enjoyed slowly learning these histories and how they have shaped the characters in this story. A 3.25 star read for me.
He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me by flying-person
Synopsis from Wattpad  
Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is constantly on a sugar rush. This explains her tendency to space out.

Her stepfather shipped her off to some boarding school in the middle of no where three years ago, and it was probably the best thing he's ever done for her. She lives in a dorm with her three best friends, and constantly skips homeroom by accident.

One day she bumps into Christopher Nyx, the mysterious new guy. That was the day everything in her life changed- again.
To be honest I still haven't made my mind up about this story. I wasn't a fan of Chris the 'mysterious new guy' he was generally a prick throughout this book and the sequel, although he did have one or two 'awww' moments.

 I think that some people will find Emilee annoying and I would recommend that you read a couple of chapters before you decide to commit to reading this story. Emilee does go through some great character development through this story and especially in the sequel but she will forever be crazy so, if you find that side of her annoying then I would recommend giving this one a miss. I think I am going to give this story 2.75 stars because although I wasn't wowed by this book but it did keep me interested enough to read the sequel  They Were Expecting A Lady, Instead They Met Me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #12 - Top Ten Books I Read Because of Other Blogger's

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme
created at The Broke and the Bookish
I can't think of a book which I read because of a specific blogger, but I have thought of some books which I read because of groups of readers and groups of bloggers.
Book's I Read Because EVERYONE was Talking About Them
Book's That I Read Because I Read LOADS of Positive Reviews
3 Star
Book's That I Read Because of Booktube

Friday, October 07, 2016

Endangered (Daughter of Hades #1) by Dani Hoots

Add on Goodreads
Buy from: Amazon (UK) || Book Depository

* I received a e-copy of this book for review from NetGallery, but this has not affected my review in any way and all views are my own.*

Synopsis From Goodreads

Chrys has been in the Underworld for thousands of years, hidden away by her father, Hades, from all of the other gods. He's afraid that if someone finds out about her, they will destroy her because of the dichotomous power that she holds, the power of life and death. So she has remained in the Palace of Hades all her life, making very few friends and always bored out of her mind.

Huntley would have never guessed that after he died he would wake up with a beautiful girl standing over him. And that she would be the Dark Lord of the Underworld's daughter. Yet, for some reason, she keeps him around as her tutor, as if he knows anything about the world. But Huntley knows that all she really wants is a friend; being trapped in the Underworld can get pretty lonely.

That is, until Chrys decides she wants to run away to the human world after a big fight with her mother Persephone. Chrys claims her father is just over reacting and that nothing bad will come of it. There's no way that the gods will notice she's there for only a couple of days...right?

Review - 3.5 Stars

This has one of my favourite opening paragraph's of my recent reads (read it in my most recent Teaser Tuesday post) and it shows the 'right' amount of sass what our main character Chrys has. The thing that I loved the most about this book has to be the change in perspective of the Hades/ Persephone story. Hades is always portrayed at the evil lord of the underworld, so I was surprised at the loving relationship between Chrys and her father. It was interesting to see the change in the family dynamic when Persephone came 'home'. Seeing Persephone from this new angle made me hate her character, before I always thought of her as a victim but in this book we get to see her as a cheating wife and spoilt Goddess, who wants what she wants and she wants it now.   
We get to read some of this book from Huntley's point of view (POV) and you can just 'feel' the adoration for Chrys dripping from every thought. He really does his best to be a good friend and his interactions with Hades were interesting to read.
AJ is a bit of a strange character from the very start - some of his actions make sense after the 'big reveal' about his aims in life - and I would love to know more about his history. Especially any history between him and Chrys, there is a vague hint that something happened between them; were they good friends or was it something more?
I was surprised about the number of demi-god and other Greek mythological creatures Chrys 'stumbles' across during her travels. She of course manages to cause a major scene on Earth, however I could not have predicted how it is all resolved, but it left it on a evil cliff hanger!
Overall this book was enjoyable it was for the most part predictable, but it fun to read and interesting to see the Hades/Persephone story from a new perspective.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

September Reading Wrap-up

That is right despite the fact I had the first two weeks of the month off I have only read a totally of seven books. If you have been following me on twitter or have been read my recent blog posts, you will know that Wattpad kidnapped me this month and stealing all my reading time. *how dare it!* Resulting in me barely reading any published books, so in todays wrap-up I haven't separated the books into genre but instead I have  give you three words/thoughts on each book (let me know if this something you like?).

Midnight Thief (Midnight Thief #1) by Livia Blackburne
Re-Read 4 Stars
My Review
(Assassins. Thief. Supernatural Surprises) 
Daughter of Dusk (Midnight Thief #2) by Livia Blackburne
3.75 Stars  
My Review
(Romance. Accepting ones self. Great side characters)
Her Stepbrothers Are Werewolves by Trinity Blacio
4 Stars
My Review
(Short Story, Determined female lead, Steamy)
Endangered (Daughter of Hades #1) by Dani Hoots
3.5 Stars
My Review
(Fun, Predictable but Surprise ending)
Mr Dark by Lauren Landish
3.75 Stars
(More than a romance. Modern Superhero)
A New Don by Rowena and Lexi Gold
4 Stars
(Sexy, Mafia, Love)
Road to Glory by Tessa Berkley
4 Stars
My Review
(Country, Romance, Healing)

So there we have it, this months reads. I have also decided this month to DNF (at least for the moment) And I Darken, as I haven't picked it up this month at all so can't really say I am still reading it! I am still reading (although haven't picked it up in a few weeks) Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas but I am just not hooked on it like the previous books in the series, but I will keep chugging along with that one.

Let me know you thoughts on some of these books *although no spoliers please*, and maybe share with me your best read of last month?

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #17 - Long May She Reign

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine, which spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating!
Release Date: February 21st 2017 by HarperTeen
Pre-order on: Amazon (UK) || Amazon (US)
Synopsis From Goodreads
Freya was never meant be queen. Twenty third in line to the throne, she never dreamed of a life in the palace, and would much rather research in her laboratory than participate in the intrigues of court. However, when an extravagant banquet turns deadly and the king and those closest to him are poisoned, Freya suddenly finds herself on the throne.

Freya may have escaped the massacre, but she is far from safe. The nobles don’t respect her, her councillors want to control her, and with the mystery of who killed the king still unsolved, Freya knows that a single mistake could cost her the kingdom – and her life.

Freya is determined to survive, and that means uncovering the murderers herself. Until then, she can’t trust anyone. Not her advisors. Not the king’s dashing and enigmatic illegitimate son. Not even her own father, who always wanted the best for her, but also wanted more power for himself.

As Freya’s enemies close in and her loyalties are tested, she must decide if she is ready to rule and, if so, how far she is willing to go to keep the crown.
Why I Am Waiting
Firstly, that cover is amazing I love the colours, the beautiful castle, the font, it just all works perfectly. I am waiting for this book for more than the aesthetics though, I also love the sound of the story. I love a good 'suddenly royal' situation, mix that in with a mass murder investigation and this has got to be winner for me. Can't wait!!  

Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Book Blogger Hop #3 - Do your Reading Friends review?

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Book and is now hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
   Do you encourage other reading friends to start a blog or at least put their thoughts/reviews on public reading sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, etc?
Firstly, I don't really have that may (In real life anyway) reading friends. My sister is the one who was the one who first encouraged me to share my thoughts on books via Goodreads, so in someway she was the first step in me starting this blog. My mum is also a reader and I do my best to get her to share her thoughts on the books she reads. I succeeded for about 6 months where she would review via Goodreads but she slowly stopped doing that and now doesn't even look at Goodreads, so failed on that front.