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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Sentence Game #2 - Reread Fantasy

(To find out more about Saturday's Sentence Games click here)

So for this weeks Saturday's Sentence Game I shall be using my top 5 reread fantasy books (see more about this books here);

Graceling by Kristen Cashore
The Gift by Alison Croggon
Dragonfly by Julie Golding
Storm Glass by Maria V.Snyder
Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Page 9
It occurred to her, with a pang of surprise, that she didn't feel afraid; although in that split second, she ought to be.(The Gift) Such was her Grace.(Graceling)
     "You're a hero and those children can't stand it." (Storm Glass)
Times had changed for the kingdom: no enemies had come knocking at the door for so long that the palace had spread down hill in more elegant and much less defensible buildings.(Dragonfly) I had a fairly long walk ahead of me. (Warprize)

Page 28
 "Of course, Your Highness."(Dragonfly)But as his energy waned Xymund had to try to fill in the holes (Warprize)
    "The downfall of the Nameless One is long and hard and desperate, and many parts of that tale never returned from the darkness," he continued (The Gift).
    "The Council sends two students to help the Stormdance clan?" (Storm Glass) A spoon clattered from the lord's hand onto the table (Graceling).

Page 42

Helda had come to work at the nurseries around about the same time Katsa began to dole out Randa's punishment (Graceling) I kept it simple, and positive, and made no mention of the truth.(Warprize).Yendral stood up. (Dragonfly)
    "We finished the orbs for the cooling season storms" (Storm Glass).
An intolerable anguish possessed [her], beyond even the grief she had felt at her mother's death; it was as if all the pain she had ever experienced gathered into a white hot node in the centre of her mind (The Gift).

Page 89
    "Now, your room should be ready," said Silvia.(The Gift)
    "Nor anyone else", Katsa said, " except a handmaiden to bring them meals."(Graceling).                  I stomped back outside and hollered at those lazy dolts.(Warprize)
    "Go on then your highness show us what you can do!" (Dragonfly)
    "No," I said, hoping his powers were weak.(Storm Glass)

Page 178
It seemed almost like a ritual, although they had done it only once before and this time was so different (The Gift).
   "The soul is made of fire, and sits within the left hand." (Warprize)
It seemed to work (Graceling).
    "Oh, Tashi, I don't know." (Dragonfly)
 I should have known better (Storm Glass).

Page 201

It was not easy for her to walk helplessly through the forest, Po deciding where to go and knowing when and where to hide, freeze in his tracks at the sense of things she couldn't see or hear.(Graceling) Every sound caused my hear to jump and sweat dampened my shirt, but I persisted until my arms were full. (Storm Glass)
    "Dernhil?" said Maerad. (The Gift)
    "Battle Rage, eh?"(Warprize)
    "Coded messages may pass where people cannot."(Dragonfly)

So let me know what you guys think of this week's Sentence Games and would love to know if any of you have read these books so please comment down below.