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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Current Blog Tour - Out of Orbit

As you can tell from the title of this post I thought I would share with you guys about a Blog Tour
that is currently taking place.

The Out of Orbit Blog Tour has already started and will run until the end of  October it's focus is the Out of Orbit Series by Chele Cooke:
Dead and Buryd
Fight or Flight
Rack and Ruin (Out 29th Oct 2015)

I recently downloaded Dead and Buryd from Amazon for FREE, and it is worth a read and my full review will be up before the end of the month, I think I will also be checking out the sequels as well due to an ...interesting ending. This series is a action packed Sci-fi /Fantasy Series written by a UK based independent author!


Synopsis For Dead and Buryd: 

On the planet Os-Veruh, the native Veniche have endured a decade under the oppressive rule of a race of invaders, the Adveni. When Georgianna Lennox, a Veniche medic, discovers her childhood friend has been sold into slavery, she seeks help from a revolutionary outlaw group. As Georgianna’s struggle to save one life ignites a battle to liberate her homeworld, is she about to discover that it is better to be dead than ‘buryd’?

I hope you all give this series a try and check out a few of the Blog posts in the Blog tour. (Oh.. and guys just checked out Chele Cooke's website and she has a project updates section showing what she is working on and how far along she is! I wish all authors had one of those!!)