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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wattpad Wrap-Up #4

Okay so my Wattpad faze is currently taking up all of my reading time so, this does mean I am reading quite a lot of stories from Wattpad so there are more wrap-ups to come. For today I have another three mini-reviews to share with you with a mix of werewolf and gang themes today:

Sold To The Gang Leader by WildHeartsRun_
Synopsis From Wattpad
Natalie Chambers didn't know about her father's gang, that is until he sold her. What Natalie didn't know is that he sold her to, one of the most dangerous gang leaders around. Carter Grayson.
Mini- Review
I enjoyed this story, it has a lovely friendship element between the gang members. Our main character got better and better as the plot progressed and she found her place in this new life, and the action grew in intensity. One issue I did have was Natalie almost laid back reaction to the fact that her dad is part of gang and has just SOLD her!! I would have thought that you would be more blown away and terrified?? Anyway, a great wee story which I hope to continue with once the sequel is completed.    
Silent Luna by h0p3less-r0m4ntic
Synopsis From Wattpad
Grace is not your typical werewolf. Being taken at age eight, she endured most torture and pain that any one person should be able to bear. But when one night's chaos allows her to escape, will she really stay free? Not far after getting away she bumps into some more werewolves. Then the biggest and scariest of them claims she is his mate. Trapped by werewolves again? On top of all of her problems she can't even explain herself. She hasn't talked in 9 years and isn't about to open right up to the scary alpha that is making her feel things she has never felt before.
This is defiantly one of the more memorable werewolf stories I have read so far on Wattpad. I loved the way that the writer created Grace, it was really well written the way that Grace's mind set of 'expect the worst' was portrayed. I enjoyed the way that her confidence grew as she became more comfortable around more people, and how she outwardly showed this.
This is a lovely story however I wasn't a fan of the way that it ended (not even the alternative ending) because I felt things ended too abruptly for my personal taste. I hope we get a sequel so that we can read of Grace adapting to her new role in the pack - now that she has put her past behind her.
This make a nice change to all the stories I have been reading recently with physically strong and confidant female leads. The thing that make this book a 4 star read for me, has to be the way the mental scars of Grace's past are portrayed in this book were so emotional and heart retching, just so wonderfully written.  
Help Me! by b00kster

Synopsis from Wattpad
Riley Thompson has always been the quiet girl in the corner. The girl who never talks to anyone. The girl who has no friends. But what they don't know is that she is also the girl who is abused at home. 
Then there's Ashton Slade. The boy everyone loves. The boy girls dream of being with. The boy every guy wants to be. But he is also one of the Alpha's five children. He has always dreamed of finding his own mate. Especially when everyone has their own.                            
So when he finally meets her? He is excited to get to know her. But what will he do when he finds out about her abusive dad and her heavy past? Add in some rouge attacks, a gang, a creepy stalker, and secrets.
I liked that we got a mix of werewolves packs and gangs - two of my favourite character situations at the moment. However unfortunately I didn't connect too much with the main character, she also didn't seem to have any long term effects from the fact she was abused for two years! (maybe this was more evident because I have read Silent Luna recently, which portrayed the internal emotional effect's of abuse so vividly). 
I also -this is probably just a personal preference thing- I would have liked there to me more distinction between the two points of view (POV),  they were both written in the same style and I often had to scroll back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was actually narrating.
Overall I enjoyed this story but I think I am going to give it 2.75-3 Stars because I wasn't wowed by it, and I am not sure I will be reading any sequels, (I assume they will appear eventually because I think I was left a bit open ended).      

Have you got any Wattpad recommendations?