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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wattpad Wrap-Up #3

I am still on a wattpad run at the moment so I have more free stories to share with you today. These reviews are slightly more positive than in my last wrap-up as I have got my 'good-story-radar' back up and running (wouldn't it awesome to actually have one of these, how many hours could I save?!?). I was also on a bit of werewolf craving so you have been warned:

Alpha's fighter by Paula
Synopsis from Wattpad
Chloe is different. She isn't like every other girl you see around you. She has a temper, anger issues, and a very over protective side when you touch her best friend Daniele. She had a bad past. Both of them do and when they move away to another town the past just seems to haunt them and new problems appear. With all of that on her mind, she still has to discover her family's well-hidden secret no one knows of besides the chosen ones.

Bryce is an Alpha. He gets handed everything he wants on a silver platter. He has the girls, the looks, the money and most definitely the fame. But he doesn't have one thing. One thing werewolves want the most and can't wait for. A mate. His mate had died a long ago and what will happen when his wolf gets a second chance in loving again?
The greatest thing about this book has to be our main character Chloe, her sass and attitude is amazing:
"I just bitch slapped that person waking me up and of course it had to be my best friend Daniele... 'Daniele I would apologize but you know that's not my style or in my dictionary' I stated and she chucked..."
Chloe is also a great 'gritty' narrator who keeps things real;
"I finally fell off the bed... looking like Anna from Frozen. It's safe to say I look like that every morning of everyday."
She also isn't all mouth, she is pretty kick-but and will happily hand you your ass if she needs to. It was also good to see her fight her mate, rather than rolling over and accepting it like so many of lead females in werewolf novels.
I loved the mysterious past that Chloe has which we are shown in tantalizingly small bits. Although I did like her mysterious past I would have love to firstly, know more about it and secondly, it would have been amazing to see what would happen when her gang past caught up with her, (hoping for a sequel). Overall, I am going to give this story 3.75 stars.
Mated to the Werewolf King by Alena
Synopsis From Wattpad  
Anabelle finds out that she is not the real daughter of the Alpha in her werewolf pack. As the world she knows comes collapsing down, she has to hide from the Demon Lord who is determined to find her. Will the Werewolf King yield to the Demon Lord's ultimatum and give her to the enemy or will she be the cause of a looming war between the two species? More importantly, who is Belle and what does the Demon Lord want with her? 
  Belle's meeting with the Werewolf King does not go very well, she finds him to be an arrogant bastard! Worse still,  he wants nothing to do with her.
This is a rollercoaster of a story with so many surprises and dangers around every corner. Anabelle (Belle) is a great character, she is so emotionally strong as she deals with all the challenges and trials that are thrown her way. Keith (AKA Werewolf King) in my opinion goes though a bit of personality change -or at least a major change in his life priorities - as he accepts Bella and becomes determined to protect her.
This story is not just another werewolf romance, the world has more depth and the romance is slightly more complex, with more than a few life threatening experiences thrown in too test our main characters and their commitment to each other. Because of all this I would give this story 4 stars.   
Rightfully Ours by simplyaddicting97
Synopsis From Wattpad
 She's an orphan, she has tattoos, she's a natural red head, and her cooking will most likely hiss at you but she's also the parent of five teenage brothers who follow in her troublesome footsteps, two best friends who stand beside her in a jail cell saying 'that was fun', knows about everything and every kind of being, and has four- wait as of a second ago five PhD's in sciences.
Dr. Madison Lancaster thinks things through to protect everything that's rightfully hers. 

His growl is just as bad as his bite, he's been to war more times than you can count, he has the scars to prove that torture just won't tickle his funny bone anymore, and he's angry but he's also the protector of his pack even though his Alpha is shit, he has two best friends and their teen sister he's been watching over since they first uttered the word 'ouch', he's built a million dollar empire on helping supernatural creatures, and he's a romantic.
Logan Ryder fights to protect everything that's rightfully his.

Just as soon as they had given up on ever finding each other, the mates meet and all hell breaks lose. The teenagers pick fights and get a little jail time, rouges attack looking for a certain red head, a wizard just doesn't get the idea that 'no means no', a slut sucubus, A jolly Judge that likes cookies and milk, a coma or two, a dick Alpha and his ho daughter, a wedding, crazy best friends, super powers, and hell let's throw in the fact that they're born to rule the werewolf kingdom and finish a war because why not?

But hey at least they got a butler and a castle.
Join Madison and Logan who fight for their train of misfits and their people against the scum of the supernatural realm in order to protect what they know as
' Rightfully Ours '
What makes this book so amazing has to be Madison, she is such an inspirational person; is she determined -even as a teenager- to bring up her brother, she has a kind and open hear to adopt and 'heal' her other brothers. She must have also had this amazing ability to balance the emotional support they must have needed as youngsters, and also being able to materially provide for them, all on her own. I loved the relationship between Madison and her brothers, she seems to have managed to get the right balance between acting mum and being the big sister, so that they know to listen and respect her rules but also be open and honest with her. It was great to see all these different sides to her personality in action, from the excited sister who wakes up her brother on their birthday morning, to her protective mum when one of her brother's abusive parents turns up.
Although I enjoyed 'watching' the romance blossom and grow between Madison and Logan, it was also great to have the added aspect of the prophesy to add depth to the story, but in my eye it was never the main focus of the plot. So much happens in this story and though I love the family dynamics at the start of the story, I also liked the completely new family dynamic created by the events in this story.      
I only have one disappointment with this story, there is one aspect that isn't resolved (and I really hope we get an extra chapter or a sequel which will resolve it). I am being quite vague as the aspect is introduced in the last chapter where this massive metaphorical 'bomb' is dropped, but in the epilogue
it isn't mentioned at all! How could you do this to us!? Unfortunately, this unresolved issue has made me drop it a 4.5 star  read, however if a sequel does ever appear to resolve it, I would happily give this story 4.75 stars, I would highly recommend it.

That's all my mini-reviews for today, have you read anything on Wattpad recently that you would recommend?