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Friday, September 16, 2016

Wattpad Wrap-Up #2

 I have been on another Wattpad reading faze in the last week! This time I wasn't as 'lucky' with the stories I reviewed in my first wrap-up, so no 5 star recommendation today.

The King's Slave (The Nine Realms #1) by AerithSage
 Synopsis From Wattpad
"Our next is a girl of eighteen summers. She has smooth, unblemished skin and has been schooled in the arts of love and seduction. But most of all, she is untouched." my auctioneer and captor said as he paraded me in front of the men. They eyed their fill of my body but they were forbidden to touch....

"Two hundred gold coins!" a man spoke up. It was he, the man who stared at me with passion and desire in his eyes moments ago. That was quite a sum for a slave! "Two hundred gold coins going once, twice... Sold to the King of Ivaris!" the auctioneer shouted.

There it was. My fate was sealed. I am a love slave and it is just my luck that I am sold to the same cruel king that destroyed my kingdom.

*A story of love, of gods and goddesses, of reincarnation and magic, intrigue and betrayal, of kings and war...*
I loved the beginning of this story as we get to see how King Seth interacted with his new slave Adrienne. Their interaction's really highlighted just how 'down-to-earth' Adrienne is especially compared to Seth's other concubines who only care about their material possessions. It was lovely to read at there hate for each other slowly begin to fade away, even with the complications and secrets thrown their way.
Unfortunately, the thing about this story that has brought my rating down to 3 stars  was I didn't realize this was a reincarnation tale (although it does clearly state this in the synopsis). So when this aspect started to come into play I began to loose interest - as it's a storyline that I never really enjoyed.
Overall, I enjoyed this book and would probably recommend it to anyone who like reincarnation fantasy stories.
Luna? Oh Please I'm a Soldier by midnight_ashes
 Synopsis From Wattpad
Karliee Kingston is daughter of Alpha Braydon Kingston, and a high rank officer in the marines. She takes great pride in being a soldier and won't let anything stand in her way. She returns home from her deployment for her brothers alpha ceremony as well as wedding to the Kings daughter.

All the greatest alphas from all around the world are coming to this including the Visconti brothers from Persia. All unmated alpha males hope to find their mates. But what happens when  Karliee finds that she is mated to not one but all 10 of the very possessive, dominate Visconti brothers.

Will she end up submitting to them? Will she let them stand in her way and her future? Or will her fire be enough to finally match these brothers that are so used to getting what they want?

Mini Review
I really loved the idea of this story, unfortunately despite the sassy title and the way which Karliee is described in the synopsis above, she wasn't as bad-ass as I was expecting. To start with Karliee was feisty and resistant towards her mates (as I was expecting) but once they took her back to their own pack she seem to loose all her fight despite the fact they were still overbearing and controlling. I was expecting a tough and determined main character but found myself disappointed.
I was also slightly confused at some points as people would drop into the story and leave with no explanation as to what their role was. The ending felt rushed to me as we jumped months and even years, I got the feeling that the author just wanted to get to a stage which they could do their 'final show-down'. Overall I would give this story 2.5 stars, because I liked the plot idea but I didn't really enjoy in it's current form.

Although I wasn't a great fan of either of the stories I have reviewed today they did both keep me reading until the end so they must have been doing something right? I also wouldn't ward you way from them completely, if they are something you think you would enjoy then, as always, I would encourage you to check them out yourself and make your own opinions.