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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Show Me The Books #3 - Defying the Family (Urban Fantasy Edition)

Show me the Books is a feature where I share with you some books within a theme, and then hopefully you, will tell me in the comments (or link to your own blog post) other books that you have heard of or have read within that theme.

This weeks theme is, books where the main character goes against the wishes of her family. When I started thinking of the books I have read within this theme, I came up with far to many for one post. So, I have to split them into groups and this week I shall focus on the ones from within the Urban fantasy genre (check out the fantasy edition from the other week).


1) Arkadien Trilogy by Kai Meyer  

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This series is a whole mix of themes, it follows a teenage girl who goes to live with her aunt in Sicily. Where she learns some interesting things about her father's side of the family and not only the 'Mafia underworld of murder, corruption and bitter, generations-old rivalries'. The main character at various stages of this series goes against the wishes of different members of her family.


2) Raised by Wolves Trilogy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes   

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This book follows a human teenage girl who was brought up in a werewolf pack. The reason it fits this theme is that her guardian tells her to stay away from a specific werewolf, but Bryn ignores this and puts into motion events that have life changing impacts for her.

3) Stray (Shifters Series) by Rachel Vincent

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This adult Urban Fantasy follows a pack of werecats. The series follows a the daughter of an alpha who has turned her back on the pack in the hope of a normal life. It's a great series and I highly recommend it. It has a great romance, the realisation of responsibility, crime solving and a great pack (and inter-pack) dynamics.  

4) Shadow of the Ancients by

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This older YA series follows Jessica who lives in a world where pack members are paired by the pack-master. Jessica 'can't stand the thought of being bonded for life to Zach Brighton, douchebag extraordinaire'. However, when she runs into a mystery wolf who takes her breath away, he marks her as his own. Causing issues for Jessica as she has to deal with the consequences of defying the pack's norms, especially as this mysterious wolf has secrets that cause even more problems.



Have you read any good Urban Fantasy books (especially once with defiant main characters) recently?


Have you read any of these book's I've mentioned?