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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Blood Destiny Series by Helen Harper

Synopsis (Bk 1) from Goodreads

Mackenzie Smith has always known that she was different. Growing up as the only human in a pack of rural shapeshifters will do that to you, but then couple it with some mean fighting skills and a fiery temper and you end up with a woman that few will dare to cross. However, when the only father figure in her life is brutally murdered, and the dangerous Brethren with their predatory Lord Alpha come to investigate, Mack has to not only ensure the physical safety of her adopted family by hiding her apparent humanity, she also has to seek the blood-soaked vengeance that she craves.
(All the following book and series reviews are spoiler free and you don't need to have read any of the series to read them - so enjoy!)

Thoughts of Whole Series (4 Stars)

This series was overall a action-packed story with a slow growing (sometimes infuriatingly so) romance. Are main character is hot headed and has a skill for annoying just about everyone, which as a reader makes her a great character to follow as she get herself into all sorts of tight corners. All the books in the series had completely different focuses but all following Mack as she tries to find who and what she is.


Book 1: Bloodfire

This first book was a great introduction to this world. I loved the way that the pack work together to protected the main character and the various relationships that develop with spending time together: the haters and those that seem like family without the sharing of blood. It also enjoyed reading about Mack's attempts to control her fiery temper and her thirst for revenge. My only wish was that we got a bit more romance, there is defiantly an attraction between Mack and the leader of the Brethren, but with secrets to keep from each other they haven't had the chance to act upon this attraction.

Book 2: Bloodmagic

I kind of had to like this book as it is set in a place quite near to where I live and had places I had visited mentioned in the book. It play's with Scottish legends which I enjoyed. We also get introduced to some different species in this book which creates yet more problems for Mack (as if she needed more!) Although Mack has some hairy moment's during this book and some near death experiences we do also get some light hearted funny moments, and also we can't forget that dangerous attraction that Mack has developed with a certain Brethren member.  

Book 3: Bloodrage

Enter the High School clich├ęs. So Mack spends most of this book in a school setting and it was interesting to see her deal with this. I felt as though we get to see a new angle to her personality as she begins to make friends and becomes the centre of attention. This book had one of my favourite friendship developments of this series and it was wonderful to watch it grow. The ending of this book was a great 'show-down' but I have to say, feels, tidal wave full of those heart-retching feels.

Book 4: Blood Politics

This book we get to see a Mack that is finally not hiding and who uses her time in efforts to help others. That fiery personally is in full swing in this book with her final standing up to those who want to control her. We also get a wonderful development on the romance side of this book but an ending which gives, you dear read, all the feels, especially as it is a logical decision.

Book 5: Bloodlust

This book is mainly focused on Mack's ability to cope with her new responsibilities and the emotional stress that these responsibilities have but her under, as well the 'normal' fights against evil. Solus continues to confuse me, he seem to really enjoy antagonising Corrigan but always at the expense of Mack's stress levels and emotions, yet he often comes to her aid and acts like her friend. It was entertaining to read of Mack's attempts to keep political peace - a girl who up till recently couldn't keep peace with any of political factions. There were a couple of surprises that I didn't see coming. Although it was a great ending I still have a few questions surrounding the political situation and the sustainability of the relationship that Mack ends up in (despite the epilogue).