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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Show Me The Books #7 - Memorable Dad's

Show me the Books is a feature where I share with you some books within a theme, and then hopefully you, will tell me in the comments (or link to your own blog post) other books that you have heard of or have read within that theme.
So in honour of today being Fathers Day I thought I would make the theme of today's post memorable fathers from fiction. I was surprised at how hard it was to think of fictional father's that are both blood relatives and still alive in the books I have read. I would love to know if you think this is a hard theme to find books on.

1) The Winner's Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski
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 I read this trilogy just a few months ago which is probably one of the reasons why I remember Kestrel's dad. I did a review of book one (click here) and a  5 Reasons to Keep Reading The Winner's Trilogy + Cover Complaints post (click here) if you missed those. Kestrel's (the main character) father is the general of a vast empire and it was great to see Kestrel's defiance against his plans and wishes for her future. Although he does spend quite a bit of these books absent at war, the parts where he does appear, he defiantly makes an memorable impression on the reader.

2) Poker Face by Jess Sturman-Coombs
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I have never talked about this book on my blog before, to be honest I had forgotten about it's existence. I read it back in 2014 (on my old kindle which is why I forgot about it) and I loved it back then, but I have just finished re-reading it and THEY ARE STILL AMAZING!! The reason that this duology (which I wish was a 20 book series) made it on the list is because the father is memorable for all the wrong reasons. He is an abusive alcoholic, but Ruby -the main character- has become a strong-willed and feisty young woman because of this. These books follows her as she tries to change her life into something worth living. As I said amazing books and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

3) Shifter's Series by Rachel Vincent
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 Stray is an urban fantasy series which follows a female werecat -Faythe- attempting to live a life outside of the pride but is dragged back where female werecats start disappearing. This series has made it onto days list because -like quite a few UF books- Faythe's dad is the Alpha of the pride and has very strong views on what Faythe should be doing with her life and is VERY PROTECTIVE of her. Yet, despite these two strong willed characters butting heads on various occasions we still get to see the kind and caring side to her dad's character.

4)Blood for Blood by Catherine Doyle
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This series is another one what is just SO GOOD that I will never be able to talk about it enough (see my series review here). On that note when did we get a COVER AND TITLE for book three?? I am loving it once we get a release date I shall have to try and remember to do a Waiting on Wednesday post so I can gush about it more. ANYWAY BACK TO TODAY, this book has a memorable father because of the lies and secrets that he keeps (I think we mainly find out these in book two) and I can't wait to find out more about him in the third book.  

I have to give honorary mention to Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (I haven't actually read this book but I love the BBC adaptation) I just love some of the lines he comes out with.


Have you read any of these book's I've mentioned? What did you think of them?

Can you think of  memorable fathers in the books you have read? Why are they memorable?