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Sunday, February 21, 2016

#LoveAThon Mini Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

So I thought I would try out this mini challenge - Book spine poetry - I have never done this before and once I had got started it was amazingly fun. My room was buried under hills of books by the time I had finished but I have created two wee poems and one longer poem (more like a wee story!) for your enjoyment, let me know in the comments below what you think of them, do you have a favourite?


The Bitter Kingdom,
Taken by Storm;
City of Bones
Embers of Ash
The Thief Lord, Heartless
Queen of Shadows, Heart of Venom
The Kiss of Deception
In the age of love and chocolate,
Two good thieves, uncommon criminals,
The one midnight thief; the thief lord.
The girl in the mask, the elite lady thief;
The last princess,
To marry a prince under the never sky,
Tomorrow when the war began in a dark dark wood,
The emerald flame, ignite
Young, gifted,
and  dead.