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Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Love-a-Thon: Get to Know Me Questionnaire


1.      What’s your name?

Hi everyone, my name is Deborah Hill *waves frantically*

2.      Where in the world are you blogging from?

I currently live in the middle of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland, basically the middle of nowhere. Bus? Nearest stop = 1mile. Shop? small Spar = 5miles!!

The local village has 'Narnia Lights' that are so cool!

3.      How did you get into blogging in the first place?

I first became 'aware' of how big the online book community was when I started to watch booktube just less than a years ago, and last summer decided I wanted to become a part of it. However, I didn't have the right stuff (or skill I don't think) to create videos so I thought I would try out blogging, and I haven't looked back since.

4.      How did you come up with your blog name?

This isn't something I've talked about on my blog but if you look at my last name well!! Also at times have hills (more like mountains at some points) of books (especially when I'm reordering my bookshelves - something I do way to often) in my bedroom.

5.      What genre do you read and review the most on your blog?

Almost all my books are within the Young Adult group and within that mainly the Fantasy (Urban, Epic, High), Science-fiction, Dystopian and Magical Realism

6.      What other types of posts do you do on your blog, apart from reviews?

Every month I will do a  reading wrap-up and book haul, I also share the new releases for each month that I like the look of and last month I started to share my favourite book quotes. I also occasionally do Waiting on Wednesday, Top Ten Tuesday and Book Tags. Saturday's Sentence Game was also something I created a for something different a few months ago.     

7.      Name the 5 books you’re most excited for this 2016!

Only five! Well there are many more than this but here we go:
The Rose and The Dagger (The Wrath and The Dawn #2) by
Throne of Glass book 5 by Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

8.  Name the 5 books you want to read this 2016 that you didn’t get to in previous years!

9.  What’s an underrated book or series that you think everyone should read?

Tales of a Traveler: Hemlock  by N.J Layouni
(I love this time travel series and the first book is FREE on kindle so you have no excuse for not reading it!)

10.  Who would you recruit for your apocalypse squad (5 characters max)

Rowan (Throne of Glass Series) because of his fighting ability and magic although fire might be a better skill, add Aelin to the list as well.
Ull Myhr (The Elsker Saga) again he's a great fighter but he is also kind and caring.
Gin Blanco (Elemental Assassins Series) she's got a great personality (and humour) and this ability to survive anything as long a she has her trusty knives.
Iko (The Lunar Chronicles) I think she would help to lift the mood also because she is an android we could send her on the slightly more dangerous missions (also does she need food??!) because we could fix her. 

11.  Apart from book shopping, what else do you like shopping for?

I have to admit not much else, however my bank balance is happy that books are the only thing I like to buy as it's not happy about accommodating that.

12.  What would your dream library look like?

I have just spent far to much time scrolling though some amazing rooms of books but I have managed to choose three amazing reading rooms I think I want a mix of all of them.

 Let me know what features from these rooms you like (if any) in the comments below:

So hoped that helped you all get to know me a bit better and I hope to see you all though out the Love-a-Thon weekend.