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Monday, August 24, 2015

Bookish Thoujghts #1: Reading Outside - Kindle or Paperback?

So here in Scotland we don't often get a really sunny day that is nice enough to sit outside and read.
However, just the other day we have one of these rare days; sun shine, no midges and hardly any wind. So I went outside to read and it got me thinking about the advantages and problems of reading a kindle in the sun. Therefore I made a list of the advantages of both kindles and books when reading outside. Here is my list and please comment down below if you can think of any more.

Positives for reading from your Kindle:

  1. When that random gust of wind comes along, you don't lose your page.
  2. Lighter, so easier to carry to a different reading spot.
  3. If you are reading in a public place then you may get less 'weirdo book nerd' looks (if you care about such things!).

Positives for reading a Paperback:

  1. Can read by water (Swimming Pool if you are that lucky) or if it suddenly starts raining, paperbacks are cheaper to replace.
  2. They can be used to weigh down your picnic blanket.
  3. Can read with sun glasses on (something I can't do with my Kindle Fire!)   
  4. Look nicer in photo's.