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Monday, May 02, 2016

April Book Haul

I seem to have acquired a fair number of books this month and I didn't buy them all, which is exciting!! I am also getting better at reading books soon after I buy them - something I used to be bad at doing. Anyway here are the books I have added to my bookshelves this month:


Prince of Shadows by

I was on a charity shop while on holiday and well it was 50p and it follows Romeo's (as in Romeo and Juliette) Cousin so had to give it a try.  

Assassin's Heart by






Books I Have Won!

(Thank you to FairyLoot)

Have you read any of these books, what were your thoughts?

What book have you bought recently that you are most excited about reading? 



  1. Anonymous5/02/2016

    Great book haul! Since reading your review of Jane Steele, I've been obsessively thinking about it!
    I love Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire Series, so I've added Prince of Shadows on Goodreads :)

    1. HA, you should read it then!!! ;)

      Oh, I vaguely remember the Morganville Vampires, I read them years ago!


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