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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Show Me The Books #4: Hidden Assassins

Show me the Books is a feature where I share with you some books within a theme, and then hopefully you, will tell me in the comments (or link to your own blog post) other books that you have heard of or have read within that theme.


This weeks theme is books with hidden assassins in, so book where the assassin isn't the main character . So, when you read the books synopsis it's not always clear that there are going to be assassin's involved, but they do come up during the book (so I guess there is a potential for spoilers but I won't be telling you who the assassin is, just that at some point in the book an assassin pop's in to say hello.)

1) Vendetta (Blood for Blood) by Catherine Doyle
 This series has been amazing so far, it starts out as this contemporary but with each book we are getting more and more action, complications and heartbreak. I did a review of the series so far so you can read my thoughts here.
2) The Queen of the Tearling (#1) by Erika Johansen
This is a High Fantasy which follows a young royal who is returning to her kingdom to become queen and let's just say not everyone is excited about that. See my thoughts of this book here.
3) Cold Fury (#1) by T.M. Goeglein
This is a bit of a strange series and I have to say that it isn't one of my favourites (see my full thoughts here) but assassins do feature in this series.
4) The Gift (Pellinor #1) by Alison Croggon
5) Midnight Thief (#1) by  
I gave this book 4 stars when I read it a few months ago. It is a fantasy book with a good storyline and a great mix of characters.

Have you read any of these book's I've mentioned? What did you think of them?

Have you read any books where an assassin appeared in a book where you weren't expecting them to?