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Friday, January 26, 2018

Beat the Backlist Update and 2018 Book Goals

So it is scarily near the end of January already! I thought this year I would set a few bookish goals, last year I tried joining the Beat the Backlist with NovelKnight in the hope I would get though some of the books that have been sat on my bookshelf for ages. I did manage to get some of these books read but not really much of a success, so this year I am going to set a few of my own goals.
1. Finish one series a month: so either I finish a series which I have started, or I binge read a series I come across.
2. Spend more time on Instagram: posting more pictures, joining more bookstragram challenges and linking in with more bookstagram accounts.
3. Increase my blog comments: In the second half of last year I stop keeping up with and commenting on other blogs and I have missed this, so I hope to start doing this again.
Wish me Luck!