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Monday, January 01, 2018

2017 Bookish Review: My Favourite Fantasy

I didn't read as many fantasy book as I thought it I did, but here is some of my favourites that I have read this year.

Fantasy Standalone
Long May She Reign is a recent read for me, but is one of the only standalone fantasy books I have read this year.  
Fantasy Duology

 I finally got around to reading Six of Crows this year! I have been hesitant to pick it and read it though. Originally it was because I wasn't a great fan of Leigh Bardugo's other series set in the same world (I never made it past the first book), and secondly, all the hype kind of put me off. However, I finally did pick it put to read, and I loved it!
Fantasy Series I Started This Year

There are quite a few series I have started this year, and am now waiting for the release of the sequels. One of my favourite have been The Valiant, which has a strong female lead, some mysterious happens, a great sisterhood, political manoeuvring and even a bit of romance. Highly recommend read if you're into either fantasy or historical fiction - full review here.

The second book in this category would be The Kingmaker Chronicles. I loved the romance between Cat and Griffin as well as the expanding world and backstory.
Fantasy Series I Finished This Year

I haven't finished that many fantasy series this year but A Court of Wings and Ruin has to be the best.  

What have been your favourite fantasy reads of the year?