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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Mafiosa (Blood for Blood #3) by Catherine Doyle

Find my Review for the first two books of the Blood for Blood series here.
This review is a purely a reaction review! I have - moments ago - turned the last page of Mafiosa by Catherine Doyle, and I don't know what to do with myself. My emotions are still strung out, am I happy or sad I honest not sure. So much happens in this book, after such an dramatic (maybe I should say explosive) and heart-breaking end to the second book I had high hopes for this book. I wasn't disappointed, I don't know how to write a review for such a book as this. At the moment I just want to scream 'WHY... how could you Catherine Doyle' about so many of the plot twists and spoilers - that I can't talk about here. On the other hand I understand why Catherine did what she did in this book, Sophie could never have done what she did - or end up where, and who, she was- with out those heart breaking moments and surprise twists.
I look back at my views of the first two books and not once have I mentioned the awesome character of Millie. Of course the star-crossed romance has been the main relationship that I have focused on - the literal Romeo and Juliette romance (I leave it up to you to decided which brother is the Romeo, but I know which it is to me).  However, when Millie whispers "We're the real love story here. You know that, don't you?" I realised just how much support Millie has been throughout this series, even in this third book, Millie is Sophie's rock even when she doesn't want her around. She is such an inspiration character and such an amazing friend.
I am going to leave it there for my thoughts on this book, before I give in to my desire to spill spoilers. For those who are diving into this book, be prepared for the literally heart stopping scenes, the tension, bloodshed and heartbreak, for the romance and even a cheesy line or two. Go into this book ready for a rollercoaster that you won't want to get off, and enjoy every emotion this book throws at you, it is what makes this series so memorable and captivating.
Happy Reading x