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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bookish Gift Websites 2015

Christmas is on the way and I thought I would put together some of the bookish gift websites to give you some ideas for any book lover friends you might have or maybe even a little something for your self?!



Most of HillcraftofHarris products are made with Harris Tweed but they have just put on their website this cotton book shelf design cushion, check it out here.


Craftdvan is based in Vancouver and does these cool bookmarks but unfortunately for those of us in the UK Christmas delivery isn't possible. Check out their website here

Literature Emporium  

Literary Emporium sells gifts including jewellery, stationery and accessories. Designed and handmade in Somerset, all items are inspired by works of literature. Check out their website here.

Bookworm Boutique

Bookworm Boutique has a large range of different items with bookish quotes on, including t-shirts, tote bags, cup and cushions. Check out their website here.


PaperHeartDaily does necklaces with various  book related designs. Check out their website here.

The Art of Young Adult

The Art of Young Adult does a whole range of different items which have YA book quotes and YA book inspired art on them. Check out their website here.


GoliathGeek has a Etsy shop which paints and decoupages different things with comics and books, see the website here.



This another Etsy shop, this one specializes in book related jewelry, check out their website here.


BookishlyUK sells items which feature book quotes such as framed wall hangings and journals. See their website here.


Evie Seo

Evie has a wide range of products ranging from mugs to duvet covers all featuring bookish quotes, see these products and more here.


 So there you have it; a selection of book themed gifts and the websites to find them! I love so many of these things I so wish I could buy from all these website *wishful sigh*. I would love to know in the comments down below or on Twitter if any of you have ordered from any of these sites.  

Happy Shopping!!!