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Monday, July 04, 2016

Book Quotes #6 - June


So another month  been and gone and many a book has pass through my hands. Once again it has come time for some more!

1) “My secret is that I choose to be the person that I want to be. That I don't believe in destiny or predetermination, but in choice, and that each of us chooses to be the person we are. Whatever you want to be you can be, whatever you want to do you can do, wherever you want to go you can go. The world, and the life ahead, is ours for the taking. The future is unwritten, and you can make it whatever you want it to be”
James Frey, The Calling    

2) "Sympathy doesn't mean much if you don't take action."
-Amy Tintera, Ruined

3) "My wife didn't smother me with a pillow! Must be love!"
-Amy Tintera, Ruined
4) "Who in their right mind would have breakfast before the sun had even risen? The sun notifies you when it is a reasonable time to wake up,"

So a mix of quotes this month no over arching theme, quote one is a pretty serious one (and not sure I totally agree with) but I like the idea that the choices we make, make our future. I love quote three just hilarious, Ruined is a great book, with some great humour in (click here to read my review). Quote four I agree with half of the year, in winter (when the sum doesn't get up till noon) I totally agree but in summer (when the sun gets up at 4am) defiantly no. (N.B You should also check out the quotes for Soulless >>>here<<< it was such a fun book and these quotes are just so fun too.)


Let me know in the comments either your favourite quote from the books you read in Juneor your favourite quote from mine above.