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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday's Sentence Game: Introduction

Over the summer I had some friends over and we started to play this game where we would pick a book at random from the bookcase, and read the first sentence one after the other. We were surprised at how often these sentences from completely different book would fit together. We then tried it with different page numbers to see if it would work just as well. So somebody would pick a number and we would all read the first sentence on that page number. (It's great fun you should try it with any book friends you have!)

This inspired me to create Saturday's Sentence Game, which I shall be trying to do most Saturday's at least till the end of the month (if not longer!). It shall be a way for me to share 5 books that have some kind of connection, for example they will all have dragons in or they were my favourite reads of that month etc. things like that. I shall be trying to avoid any spoilers (I have a special hate of spoilers) and taking the page numbers mainly near the beginning of the book. I will be putting the list of which books are included at the start so you can decide for yourself if to continue reading.

The first Saturday's Sentence Game will be next Saturday (3rd October) and I hope you check it out and tell me what you think.