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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My 5 Most Owned Authors

I saw a video by some of my favourite booktubers showing the author's which took up the most of their bookshelves. So of course I had to look at my own book shelf  and I thought this was a great way of showing you guys what authors I read (and kept the books to reread).  So these aren't my favourite author's as many of my favourite authors haven't published enough books to get on this list. Also they aren't all auto-buy author's (buy anything they would publish). To find out more about these authors you can click on there name and a link shall take you to their websites, and also the series names you shall be taken to that series Goodreads page. So here we go:

5) Jonathan Moeller (8 Kindle Books)

  • Child of the Ghosts (Ghosts, #1)
  • Ghost in the Flames (Ghosts, #2) 
  • Ghost in the Blood (Ghosts, #3) 
  • Ghost in the Storm (Ghosts, #4) 
  • Ghost in the Stone (Ghosts, #5)  
  • Ghost in the Forge (Ghosts, #6)       
  • Ghost in the Ashes (Ghosts, #7) 
  • Ghost in the Mask (Ghosts, #8)        
As you can see I have read and own the Kindle version of books 1-8 of the Ghosts series which is a fantasy series. I have to say that I wasn't awed by this series and I missed that bit of romance that I like in a book. Although there is the hint of romance in the seventh or eighth book so I might give this series another go at some point and complete it. There is a total of Nine books and then what looks like a spin off series after that. Also something I have observed is that Moeller is a really fast writer so if you hate waiting years ands years for the next book I recommend you give his books a go.

4)Patricia Briggs (8 Books)

  • Moon Called
  • Blood Bound
  • Iron Kissed
  • Bone Crossed
  • Silver Borne
  • River Marked
  • Frost Burned
  • Night Broken
These 8 books are all the published books in the Mercy Thompson series which is a adult Urban Fantasy.  

3) Jennifer Estep (9 Books) 

  • Spider’s Bite #1
  • Web of Lies #2
  • Venom #3
  • Tangled Threads #4
  • Spider’s Revenge #5
  • By a Thread #6
  • Widow’s Web #7
  • Deadly Sting #8
  • Heart of Venom #9
These 9 books are the beginning of a adult urban fantasy series Elemental Assassin. This series already has 13 books published with more on the way so I have some catching up to do here. I have also read some of Estep's Mythos Academy (Young Adult) series but didn't enjoy them as much.

2) Ally Carter (10 Books)


  1. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You 
  2. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
  3. Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover
  4. Only the Good Spy Young 
  5. Out of Sight, Out of Time
  6. United We Spy
  1. Heist Society
  2. Uncommon Criminals 
  3. Perfect Scoundrels
  1. All Fall Down
As you can see have read books all the published book in these three series by Ally Carter. I think she is close to being (if not already) an auto-buy author I have loved everything she has written although saying that I have yet to get her adult series (Cheating at Solitaire) but it's defiantly on my TBR (to-be-read) list.  

1) Maria V Snyder ( 2 Kindle + 10 Books )
The Chronicles of Ixia Series

  1. Poison Study (Study #1)
  2. Magic Study (Study #2)
  3. Fire Study (Study #3)
  4. Storm Glass (Glass #1)
  5. Sea Glass (Glass #2)
  6. Spy Glass (Glass #3)
  7. Shadow Study (Soulfinders #1)
  1. Inside Out
  2. Outside In  
  1. Touch of Power
  2. Scent of Magic (Kindle)
  3. Taste of Darkness  (Kindle)
 I own all of Snyder's book mainly because I read Storm Glass (LOVED IT!) and then I had to finish
the trilogy. Then I wanted to know the back story, I have to say that sadly I didn't enjoy the Study trilogy as much as the Glass. The Healer series is another of Snyder's trilogies which I loved and would love to read more from these characters. I mean I know that the trilogy is finished but everyone thought that the Study trilogy had finished too, so I am not ruling out the possibility of a fourth Healer book.