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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Who's Afraid? (Tommi Grayson #1) by Maria Lewis


Synopsis from Goodreads

This is the story of Tommi, a young Scottish woman living an ordinary life, who stumbles violently into her birthright as the world's most powerful werewolf. The sudden appearance of a dark, mysterious (and very attractive) guardian further confuses her as her powers begin to develop and she begins to understand that her life can never be the same again. The reader will be swept up in Tommi's journey as she's thrown into the middle of a centuries-old battle and a world peopled with expert warriors and vicious enemies - this is the start of a series - and a world - you will fall in love with.
Published July 14th 2016 by Piatk(first published January 12th 2016)
ISBN13: 9780349408972
Series: Tommi Grayson #1
Source: Bought
 Review (4.75 Stars)
This was a great book, surprisingly so! It wasn't that I wasn't expecting to enjoy it,
I was excited to read a story with Scottish werewolves (I can't think of any book
where they are the main characters - any recommendations welcome), however
 this didn't turn out to be the direction that the story was heading, but I am getting
ahead of myself.
Let start for the beginning, this book begins by introducing 
us to Tommi (in a hilarious internal monologue introduction!) and her normal life
as a recent gradate working in a Dundee gallery. She has just lost her mother and 
is about to go on adventure to find her absentee dad down in New Zealand. She 
has a great group of friends who are supportive and they are full of Scottish
 banter (which I loved),  I think this book did a great job of representing the
Scottish culture and attitude. However, finding her family down under doesn't
 work out anything like she'd planned and nothing like she could have ever
imagined and she rapidly returns to Scotland. As she is now aware of her
 'more than human' state I was fully expecting her to panic and
hunt down a group of supernatural to teach her to control. However,
this is where my preconceived ideas of this story were dashed, she is a strong
independent woman who although isn't all that comfortable with the changes
 she is enduring she deals with it cool head and remains in control.
I don't want to go into too much detail of this book, because I loved going into
this book with limited knowledge. All I will say it that I loved it and highly
recommend, it has a authentic 'modern Scottish ' feel with a few (understandable
don't worry) phrases and a snarky, down to earth, kick-ass, independent
woman who has some great friends who have her back. There is also a
 side thread of romance and hint of bigger supernatural power plays
 and a author who isn't afraid to put her characters through the worst.
(don't want to spoil this book for anyone but Maria how could you?!?)