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Thursday, August 04, 2016

July Book Haul

I had no idea quite how many book I had bought this month. I have been on another tight book budget this month and I think this has resulted in a completely different outcome to last month. In June I just bought 2 hardback new releases while this month I have bought some slightly 'older' releases and quite a few second hand books. So let me show you what I've bought:

In this first photo are the new books which I bought this month I have already read two of them and am currently reading And I Darken.
These are all the second hand book I have picked up from amazon as well as local charity shops - got to love a good deal!

I was also sent one of my most anticipated sequel releases (have already read it and I can't recommend it enough - go read the first book!)
Lastly, I bought my self a Fairy Loot Box (I was so excited when this arrived) I have been debating buying one of these for ages and I finally decided to go for it and here is what I got:

So there are the all books I bought in the last month. Have you already read some of these, which of them would you recommend?