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Monday, August 01, 2016

Book Quotes #7 - July


So another month over and I have read quite a few books (as you shall see from my reading wrap-up in a few days) but for some reason I don't have that many quotes to share with you. This seems to have been a bit of a theme in quite a few of these monthly quote wrap-ups, so in light of this I have decided to change things slightly. In stead of a monthly quote wrap-up I shall be doing shorter quote collections, as and when I come across quotes that I want to share with you.


That is the plan going forward but for today, I have quotes from two Urban Fantasy books that I have loved reading in the last month. So enjoy the thoughts of two strong woman (both in their own way) having to deal with 'bad' situations.

"How come the nightmares get etched into my brain forever yet the dreams never last?"
"Without pain there is no pleasure, without sadness there is no happiness, without knowing what it is like to go without you cannot appreciate when you have enough."
Finding My Pack by Lane Whitt
"Sometimes people can't see past today, they can't see the choices they make now will affect the future."


I would love to know if you prefer quotes to be slightly more 'pictorial' like the Ash quotes  above or if you like the more 'traditional' just written quotes like the Finding My Pack quotes?


Share with me your latest favourite quote.