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Friday, February 26, 2016

March Releases


March hadn't stuck in my head as a month where lots of books were being released but as I was writing this I just kept on finding more that I liked the look of. So I have 10 books released in March that I think sound like interesting reads so lets get started:  


Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

Release Date: 1st March (Kindle) || 17th March (UK Hardback)
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I came across this book when I was looking though Pondering the Prose's reviews and she seemed to have really enjoyed it. The synopsis seems like it is going to be a hate/love romance which I love.




A Study in Charlotte by 

I have recently been trying to explore more books set in historical settings and this one is set in 1849. The main character is a Chinese girl hoping to become a professional musician but after an accident she fears for her life, so with the help of a runaway slave she flees town for the unknown frontier. They dress themselves as boys and run into cowboys! What a mix of characters I want to see how it all works together. (The hardback cover is so pretty check it out below.)

I have to say that this is one of those series that I have had on my to- buy list for years and so many people have recommended it but I have never read them. However, now that the last book has come out hopefully that will motivate me to finally read this trilogy.

This series is another one of those which I LOVE the sound of but I have yet to read. The first book The Conspiracy of Us looks like a romance, mystery, with every character having secret pasts.

Hardback Covers of some of the books mentioned above:

Let me know if you prefer the Hardback or Paperback cover designs and tell me what you think about any of these books - have you already read any of them (what did you think?) or you excited about their release just like me?