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Saturday, October 07, 2017

WEE REVIEW: Un.Requited (Slayter #1) by Reese Morgan

Synopsis from Goodreads
Across Hayden’s neck sat an ugly scar, a vivid reminder of what she’d become. She looked horribly wild, untamed, her eyes too bright and focused, like an animal. In order to keep her family safe from both herself and the enemies she attracts, Hayden must trade a life of normalcy for one of constant uncertainty and threat.

Expecting to find her place among others like her, she soon realizes that even among werewolves, she’s an exception. Burdened with constant discrimination and falling into a dangerous attraction, Hayden must struggle to find her footing after being made a pawn in a game between two powerful Alphas
Wee Review
(3.75 Stars)
Teenage werewolf books... well there are a hundred and one to choose from, and I am glad I stumbled across this one. Quite a few teen werewolf novels aren't worth a second glance but I enjoyed this one. We join Hayden after she has received her life changing scars (the result of a vicious werewolf attack) a confused 'newborn' she tries to continue life as normal but soon she get noticed by the werewolf community and she joins a pack.

I think the thing which made this book for me was Morgan's ability to create deep characters full of personality. Although some of the minor character don't get much 'screen time' I felt as though I got a insight into their personalities. The only thing on this point is I would have liked a bit more interaction between Hayden and her mother, she has this one moment of homesickness but then she is just forgotten again.

There are some typical werewolf tropes, with a potential love triangle, a domineering, distant, young Alpha with secrets, a secret werewolf community with it's own political games and old fashioned views.

Un.Requited is full of mystery and a few murders making it a quick paced story full of well developed characters and budding relationships. The big question is which relationships will remain platonic and which will flower into something more?