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Friday, September 08, 2017

WEE REVIEW: Blind Reader Wanted

Shortened Synopsis from Goodreads

I was born into darkness. Just like a puppy, only my darkness is eternal. Everyone else sees a world I can only imagine, but hey, don't pity me. I don't. I've got a lot of imagination, and I’ve made my world beautiful more beautiful that you can know.
When I grew older I understood that the world is not built for blind people. I needed a white cane and I needed to trust my bestie, Elaine, and jump when she yelled, “Puddle”. 

Now, I’m all grown up and she tells me that the most mysterious man in Durango Falls has stuck a job vacancy on her noticeboard and that I should apply for it.
Apparently Kit Carson needs a blind reader.
To be honest it sounds a bit like those times she yelled puddle and there was no puddle. But what the hell? I’ll give her a laugh and jump once again.
This is the story of what happened when I jumped.


I came to Durango Falls because it was the perfect place to hide. The townsfolk here don't like strangers and I don't like people. So I don’t talk to no one and no one talks to me. Suits me just fine.
For five years now I’ve been livin’ alone at the edge of this forest. Just me and the wolves I’ve adopted, but this winter my soul has started hankering for something more.

Maybe I’m just hankering for a woman’s sweet voice reading to me the way my mother used to when I was five. Just before she died. Think I’ll advertise for a blind reader. A female blind reader.
That’s what I thought I wanted.

Well all that shit went out the window when I laid eyes on her.
Now this woman’s body is all I can think about …
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance
Wee Review
(4 Stars)
I was a bit hesitant about this book to start with. I wasn't a great fan of how Lara was persuaded by her friend to apply for this blind reader job, and now that I look back at it I feel as though the situation doesn't really fit her personality. Lara - although blind- is strong minded, confidant and sassy, I just couldn't see her doing something she didn't want to. Anyway that aside, I loved this book, once I got past the first two chapters and Lara meets Kit I adored this small town romance. I loved the way that their love for each other grows, despite the few cheese moments (sometimes cheese makes it all the better). The wolves where a unique aspect to this novel which I quite enjoyed and the way in which the small town life style and gossiping is portrayed made me smile, sadly realistic! Throughout the book you know there is some kind of secret laying in wait to smash the seemingly easy HEA, but when it happened it was still heart breaking.

Blind Reader Wanted, was a emotionally intense romance between Kit a isolated military man with a haunting past, and Lara a blind artist who has issues of her own waiting to come out of the shadows. Set in a small town, full of gossipers this is a novel I flew through watching Kit and Lara fall in love and waiting for their pasts to catch up with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance and the suspense all wrapped into one.