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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Unique Blogger Award

It has been ages since I was last nominated for a blogger award, but the other week Shoshi from Shoshi Reads kindly nominated me for this Unique Blogger Award.
So here is what I've got to do: The first step is to share the link of the blogger that tagged you. Next, you answer their questions. Then, you nominate 8-13 bloggers. Finally, you give them 3 questions to answer. So the questions which Shoshi have asked are as follows:
1. What is your absolute favorite book and why? The book that you've loved since the first word. The book that you couldn't live without. The book that you are so grateful to have been able to read.
Could you get a more evil question? There are so many book though out the years which I would have classed as my favourite, but to narrow it down to just one book I have to go with The Gift (The Pellinor series) by Alison Croggon. I have chosen this book (or more accurately the series) because this was the series which sparked my love for fantasy books, and also gave me the confidence to try bigger books and longer series, at a time which I was just finding my feet in what book I liked.

2. What is the book that you have read or re-read the most times?
So I love re-reading books and I often go back to the same ones when I get into a reading slump or feeling a bit off colour. A few years ago I did a post on my Top 5 reread fantasy books, and other than adding Sarah J Maas's work to the list it has remained the same, and these are the books I go back to again and again.

3. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would it be?
Nightmare situation! Okay so as a Christian I say the Bible, but if we are talking fiction book I just couldn't choose. I think I would want something which was funny but had lot of twists and depth, so that I saw something new every time I re-read it.

Here are my questions to everyone that I tag:
1. One day you receive a email from your favourite author saying that they have seen your blog. They'd  love to meet-up and talk about their next book as they are having writers block and think you might be able to help! What do you do and how do you help them?
2. What is it about a book which entices you to read it?
3. Have you ever given a book a chance even when you don't think you won't like, just because you like the authors other books? If so why and was it worth it?
 The people I am Tagging are:
(I know there is only 5 here but quite a few of the blogs I have been following have stopped posting)