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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wattpad Wrap-up #7

 I read these stories a while back now, during the time when I was solely reading Wattpad and hiding from my TBR. I (obviously) didn't share my thoughts on these book back then, as I thought the you might have been a bit fed up with my seemingly endless Wattpad wrap-ups. However, I haven't done one for a while so here are my thoughts on these two Wattpad stories, hope you enjoy!
My Marine Man by michelle_my_belle98
Synopsis From Wattpad  
Zoe is an east-coast girl stuck three thousand miles away in California for graduate school: she's young, beautiful, and hardworking, but terribly shy and lonely.
Nathan is a US Marine recently home from deployment in Iraq: he's handsome, fun, and chivalrous, but a haunting past lurks beneath his surface.
When the two meet, it's obvious there's a special chemistry. But with Zoe trying to discover her place in life, and Nathan trying to get past his horrifying experiences, will their relationship ever work out?
Mini - Review
My favourite aspect of this story has to be the relationship of the two main characters have with their families. Both families are so different for the other but I love them both.
Zoe I think is quite a relatable character, I loved her realistic indecision about what she wanted to do next, knowing that she needs to decide but feeling the weight of the decision as she knows it will affect the rest of her life. 
As you would expect with this storyline there are some heart-breaking moments once Nate is sent off on tour. The only thing I would have changed about this book is, I would love to have read about a few more of Zoe and Nate's communications while he was on tour.
Overall I am giving this book 4 Stars, also if you have read this story ( I would to know your thoughts if you have) I can recommend Military Man.    
The Numbers on Her Wrist by -MidnightStories-
Synopsis From Wattpad
Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their grasp. The men who raised her taught her the skills of a street fighter. They taught her to take pain. They taught her how to survive. They taught her to give no mercy. They showed her pain. They gave her the 564 that is engraved on her wrist.

But that 564 is a reminder.
A reminder of love, of mercy, of hope.
They took her innocence and her freedom, but they did not take the fire in her heart.
Mini - Review
The thing that attracted me to this book was that lovely cover, and I enjoyed Alpha's fighter by Paula which features a street fighter, and I loved her ability to kick-ass an ability that Amelia also has.
Amelia, is this wonderful mix of kick-ass street fighter shaped by her traumatic past, and a caring young woman who has a open heart to those in need. She is a bit of adrenalin junky but since her income is through fighting people 3 times her size I guess that isn't a bad thing. I love Sam, I hope we get to see more of his past in the other books in this series as it intrigues me, however I love how supportive and accepting of Amelia.
There is also enjoyed learning more about the 'bigger picture' and I look forward to know more about it the sequels. I think this is a  4 Star  story for me.

Have you read anything amazing on Wattpad recently?

Have you ever come across either of these two stories before, what are your thoughts?