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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 Bookish Review: My Favourite Contemporary Romance

The Contemporary Romance genre has made it into my top rated novels of the year. I have always considered myself more of a fantasy reader than a contemporary lover, but I have quite a few contemporary romances to share with you today:
Military Contemporary Romance
Rites of Passage is a great military school novel. This book follows Sam as she joins the first-ever class of girls at the prestigious Denmark Military Academy. I adored this book and read it twice this year, find my reviews here.  
Popular Contemporary Romance
The Lovely Reckless was one of those books which was everywhere. As such I was a bit hesitant but I loved the sound of the synopsis, and ended up loving this book.  Alyson Noel's and Carrie Ryan's thoughts of this book (blurbed on the back cover) sum up my experience of this book: "An insanely addictive, sexy, rush of a read." "The Fast and The Furious meets Romeo and Juliet". Find my full review here.
Student Teacher Romance
A Different Blue is deep, heart-breaking, full of loss and self doubt, searching and finding, of discovering and falling. This is a powerful story as Blue discovers her true self. Find my full review here.
Mafia Romance
Mafia and his Angel is a book which I first read on Wattpad and is now published. It follows Ayla and Alessio as their lives are thrown together. I love a good forbidden romance and that mafia angle always makes for some great action.
Dark New Adult Romance  
King is dark and gritty, sexy and romantic. Doe is a desperate but strong main character trying to make the best of the situations she find herself in while also being considerate and caring. Find my full review here.
Suspenseful Contemporary Romance  
 Burying Water alternates between two time periods which are hugely contrasting. One following the self named 'Water' as she settles into the quite country life; while the other follows Jesse in his city life as a mechanic as he finds himself in the wrong circles and falling for the 'wrong' girl. This book was just an amazing read, what enjoyed the most was the mystery of Water's history, and trying to guess the events which lead up to her memory loss, slowly discovering clues, while also waiting for her to grasp hold of those memories she had shut out. See my full review here.
As I am not seasoned contemporary romance reader, is there any books that you think I might like that I missed out on?